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How do I request a course on this site?

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How do I request a course on this site?
by Akilah Jackson - Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 10:43 AM

Starting in 2016, there is a new workflow for creating course spaces. All course admins and faculty will need to request a sandbox space to build out courses.

Sandbox spaces can be requested on the sandbox site : .

After course spaces have been developed, copy them into your active course space for students to enroll on the site .

If do not have an active course space listed, please contact KKI Moodle Support team to request an active course space, by sending an email to :


For Sandbox spaces :

  1. To request a course space, log into the sandbox server .
  2. 1. Select Courses from the menu.
  3. 2. Select the "Request Course" button.


For Active Courses:

To request a course space, email your course name, course category and reason for your request to